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Horrible customer support, 2+ months in "repair center". 5 months since I last used.


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I bought the HTC Vive at the end of November last year and after less than 7 days of using it, a dead pixel appeared that completely covered the lens. 


I sent the headset back after only owning the device 7 DAYS in hopes to get a quick replacement so I could enjoy the device I purchased, seeing as I paid $600 for it. 


I finally got a BROKEN replacement a month and a half later, only to have to SEND it back. I could not use the headset, for everytime it would just go grey because the sensors were broke. That in itself was a hassle to explain constantly, but eventually customer support gave an RMA. 


I sent the BROKEN REPLACEMENT back on Feb 5th and it was received Feb 7th. It has officially been more than 2 months, adding on to the month and a half before that and the time in between those to get a customer support person to actually offer an RMA after constant rigorous tests that led to the same result one after another. 


You guys can't give me a simple ETA or speed up the process for something that was your fault to begin with, seeing as you sent a BROKEN replacement. I've only been able to actually enjoy the device for 7 days since November, but you guys won't offer a refund or complete replacement to speed up the process? 


I've contacted constantly customer support without results. Then answered constant phone calls with excuse after excuse. That somehow the repair center had "moved buildings" or that my case owner was busy. I have heard customer support say they're "escalating the problem" about 20+ times without it having any affect whatsoever. I just want my replacement, a WORKING replacement finally seeing as I've paid $600 for it! 7 days in the last 5+ months is not what I would say is worth $600!

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