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Bust Buy has HMD stock right now. I don't have lighthouses though, and they cost a crap ton.

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TLDR: Does any one know where I can pick up base stations and light houses at a reasonable price?

Sometimes I wish an exec could see these things. I feel like stupid things like the abusrd pricing would get resolved. I don't understand who can look at the pricing and think it's a good idea. Lighthouses and controllers cost more than just buying a brand new vive gen 1.  I try so hard to not be salty but come on man. That's incredibly dumb. I just don't understand it.

I contacted support, and they were very nice, but they're like "Sorry I can't add a bundle without an HMD". Like cool story man. I would have hoped you'd be just a hair more capable than myself. Maybe have some pricing over rides.

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