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Left headphone not working vive pro


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Please send an email to vive_care@vive.com with the following so that we may assist:


Subject line: Rickzter1 from Viveport Community


Vive.com Order number:

Your shipping address:







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I have the same problem. The left side crackles the sound sometimes and i have to move around the earphone to get it to stop. Yesterday, the sound completely cut out on me also, and this morning I heard crackling on the right earphone as well. This constantly happens with the crackling sound, and it's mainly on the left earphone.


What do I do? Is there a fix for this?

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, This is a really old thread that dates to the launch of Pro - we were initially handling these reports on a 1:1 basis. There are more recent threads where we openly discuss self-troubleshooting steps. 


In short, the earphones connect to the HMD via contact pads that are tensioned by a screw. This issue can be caused by that screw loosing tension leading to the electrical contacts not making a good connection. A self-troubleshooting step would be remounting and retensioning the headphone assembly on the affected side. You'd basically preform the steps below, and then reverse them and ensure the screw is reasonably (but not forcibly) tight. If this does not work, we would suggest sending in the HMD for an RMA repair process which you can arrange via our Live Chat (avoid the email form). 


While the headphone is removed, take extra care to not squish or squeeze it as you can damage the speaker. 


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