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We now have VR powered museums

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A museum local to me has a full section where users wear VR headsets (vives) to explore display cabinets.  The displays are photo realistic, but not only that but you are able to interact with some items.  As you can see there are physical cabinets which are translated into the VR world but more exiting is that you can pick some items up (which don't exist in the physical).  And?  (you might think) ... but this is quite amazing when you take into account the user isn't holding any controllers or wearing any gloves!!!

In addition there are places like the fireplace where you can actually feel the heat.  As you can see it's a very bespoke system (?) with what appears to be portable pcs, or large batteries and something on the front of the headset and it also supports multiple users.


Very interesting indeed!


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I was in Vilnius (Lituania) a short while ago, and they have a new museum 'Palace of the grand Dukes' and part of the tour was pitting on a VR Headset, and they transported you to the same location (but back like 1200 yars) when it was just the river and the hill.  You then watch (with a voiveover) how the fort was built then over the 1200 years how the castle and city was built and changed over time.

You just stood in place and looked around... but they had a nice intro to start with where you just see the same room you are standinge in (with all displays and everything) as it is when you put on the Headset.  Made the transistion into VR very easy.



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I do like how VR is adopted more and more around the globe.  Just this second one of our warehouse managers told me he is going for some virtual training.  He didn't tell me much but told me they will be climbing scaffolding in VR.  Thats great that industries are adopting the tech and even better my own place of work :D

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