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Base station sync and tracking issues


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Hi everyone,

we had a VR event yesterday which was a total failure due to the various technical issues with our Vive.

First we installed Vive in the outdoor, on the direct sun, temperature about 25°C. On this set base stations couldn't sync at all. Even after connecting one to another with sync cable.

So we went inside to the white party tent with inner dimensions 3 x 6 m. We installed Vive again. Optical sync of base stations failed again but it was finally working with sync cable. Headset and controller were on and ready to use but they were flashing in the SteamVR app and it said that the tracking is not working.

We changed the location abain. This time we went outside again, behind the tent into the shadows. Finally we've been able to sync the base stations and headset and controllers were solid green and whole set was ready to go. I did the roomscale setup and launched the app. First it seemed that everything is OK but when I lifted the headset 1 feet above the ground the tracking stopped working again.

It was an open air music festival so besides direct sun the problem could be also some kind of wave interference from stages which were about 200 feet (60 m) far away.


Does anyone have any experiences with Vive instalation on this kind of events? What could be the problem? Is there any solution? For example use of a black party tent instead of white, longer distance from stages, etc.


Please let me know!


Thank you!!


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