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Headset Not Connected Properly (208) - What Else to Try?


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I just purchased a new HTC Vive Pro. Here is what I have tried so far:


  1. Checked the headset cable connection on both ends. The headset red LED lights up and as far as I can tell it is secure on the headset end, though it's impossible to tell without taking the entire cover off.
  2. Tested the laptop display port and it works instantly the moment it's connected to something else.
  3. I currently have no means to bypass the link box and test it directly because I don't have an adpater to conect the large display port coming off the headset to the mini display port (edit: is that even a display port cable coming off the Vive headset? Looks like something propietary)
  4. Have uninstalled the HTC drivers and resinstalled, multiple times.
  5. Have updated NVideo GTX-1080 to latest driver.

I have an extra HTC Vive here that I bought so I could get the accessories, and the same thing happens with that one, so I'd rate the chance the headset is defective somewhere around 0. Seems like a driver issue but I don't know how to solve it at this point.


Laptop is Asus ROG STRIX GL702VI with GTX-1080 running Win 10.







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, On #1, you mention an HMDI port - The Pro isn't compatible only with displayport 1.2 or newer. Based on your other posts, it sounds like you've tried connecting via both types of ports, it won't work with the HDMI port and you should only focus on the minidisplayport. 


I was unable to verify which revision of DP that laptop has - it isn't listed on any of the OEM spec sheets I could find for that model. Given how new it is, it should DP 1.2+ but I was unable to confirm. Another place to check would be the Mini DP cable connecting the laptop to the linkbox - that cable also needs to be DP 1.2+ compatible and able to support 4K bandwidths. 


You also mentioned you couldn't get the standard Vive to work?  What errors are you seeing around that? Have you seen any errors that reference "direct mode"? When you go into SteamVR, there is a USB tab that lists all of the devices statuses and gives you an option to delete and reinstall all of the drivers. Using this page, you can debug if it's a specific driver that is causing problems. 


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Updating this in case it helps anyone else. I got it working today by replacing the mini display port to mini display port cable.



Beware, I also tried a Thunderbolt cable - even though countless articles on the Internet claim that a Thunderbolt 2.0 cable is compatable with display port 1.2, at least in my case it was not. The moment I replaced it with a display port cable that said it supported 1.2, the headset was recognized.

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  Indeed very helpful seeing this post! Hello from Australia! Just got my new HTC VIVE PRO HMD and tried every single step to get it connected to my new Microsoft Surface Book 2!


So apparently the "Mini Display Port > Display Port" originally came with the kit will not work. Theres only Mini Display Port available in my Surface Dock. So I've gone down to two routes:


1. Get it connect through a "Mini Display Port > HDMI" with "HDMI Adapter > Mini Display Port" *Like the image below- (And error message 208 kept coming out)


2. So I've replaced the black Belkin HDMI Adapter to the below HDMI > USB C adapter so It got connected straight to my machine. Still no luck, error 208 still appeared!


3. My FINAL HOPE for the Mini Display Port > Mini Display Port, just ordered from ebay (Here is the item link, arriving next week). Problem is can't get this cable easily from computer shop. Have to wait for abit but hopefully I will get connected and get going!



My machine is the new Microsoft Surface Book 2- i7-8650u, 15", 16gb, 256g Ssd, NVIDA-GTX-1060 6GB, Windows 10. The top range from the SUrface Book, so hopefully they worked! Any tips are welcome!

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