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how do i connect three trackers and two contollers


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, The likelihood of all three being faulty isn't very high and thus an RMA may not fix your root issue. What does your pairing process look like and what behavior are you seeing? You should be pairing the controllers first, and each tracker should have it's own dedicated USB dongle rather than only plugging in one of them. Do they each track when paired individually or are you unable to get any of them to pair solo at all? 


If you're able to connect one/two trackers at a time but not all three, the issue may be 2.4Ghz interference. The trackers operate on bluetooth which is close enough to 2.4Ghz to cause co-channel interference. If you have a bunch of 2.4Ghz wifi networks in your environment, they may affect your ability to pair additional trackers. 



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