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Vive no longer functional


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I've had my Vive for a while. Back in May of last year, my dog peed on it and broke it, so I sent it in for repairs. After $300 and more than a month of waiting, I finally received it back and it worked - mostly. The front-view camera bugged the whole thing out whenever I tried to use it, but I figured I could live without it since I didn't want to deal with that whole dreadful process again. Now, my headset suddenly outright refuses to work.


For $300, I may as well just go the extra mile and buy an entire brand new Rift at this point. If the new Vive Pro were $500 for the headset, I may have gone for that, but at $800 it is entirely unappealing.


Is there anything else I can do, or am I just stuck with a $1,100 brick now? This is all just leaving me terribly drained...

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