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Mini dp to dp cable for link box questions


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I bought an HTC Vive recently and wanted to know which kind of adapter to buy (active or passive) to connect the link box (mini DP) to my graphics card (DP).


Does the link box already work as a signal coverter to convert Display Port signals to HDMI for the Vive so that I only need a passive adapter or do I still need an active one?


My graphics  card only has 1 HDMI port so I am planning on connecting my Vive to a DP and my monitor to the HDMI port (as stated in the link box guide of Vive).


I just need to know if I need an active DP to mini DP adapter or a passive one and if the cable that Vive is selling is an active or passive one.


Thanks is advance!

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, This cable has been reported by users to work and is from a trusted brand. Generally speaking, I would recommend an active cable for anything beyond 4m but compatibility gets pretty granular and model specific very quickly. 


I would take a look at this user generated list of cables and adapters; it's user generated but has been pretty accurate historically https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/wiki/cables 

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