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I cant play any game from Viveport


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Any games from viveport (free, subscription or purchased) dont appear in my library. I am try a lot of things: re-install vive-port, re-logged, log with another account, and force the download by "report issue" button in settings. Also, i have a lot of problem when try launch steamVR with Viveport installed


However, games appears in library of viveport website.


I have to say, i report the problem almost a month ago and dont get any answer and already lost a mont of gift viveport subscription for buy HTC VIVE.


Need help, please

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I took out a subscription in November 2017 and it never appeared on my account. In march 2018 the vivport app presented me with options to select my subscription apps.

Give it 5 months and your apps may appear. Support for me has been slow and achieved nothing.

I hope you get better luck than me. From my experience I feel "scammed" since I did not get what I had paid for when I paid and I haven't been supported to an reasonably expected level

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