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Terrible customer service so far


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I returned a base station 5 weeks ago and haven't received the new one yet.


Tracking number says it's awaiting CC authorization. Funny, as it's not even in return/repair/sent status. It's been that way for 5 weeks now.


It wasn't handled improperly and I didn't realize it was a bit gimpy until the firmware update showed the red light. Plus customer service chat said 2x that it'd be replaced free of charge. USPS says they dropped it off.


Multiple chats with reps that don't appear to have access to proper tools to see the actual status and I'm starting to get sick of the run around with generic answers from people who probably don't work directly for the company and can't get direct answers.


If I don't receive proper support soon, it's time to email corporate, as I'd just like some answers at this point.

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I just wanted to put out and update that once my issue was posted into the vive forums directly, they were very quick to make it right with me and i appreciate it.  I have a couple buddies that were looking into a VR headset and they were on the fence since I wasn't getting mine fixed in a timely manner, but once I explained how Vive made it right, they're opting to go with Vive again.


But I'm going to leave my original post because I feel that however/wherever the chat department is setup, that process needs to be looked at a bit more closely and hopefully this is a reminder. I tried the regular route for 4-5 weeks and I suspect my issue was some kind of account glitch that's not normal, but I feel chat support should have taken ownership and provided me with updates.


Thank you Vive for taking care of this issue.

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