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SRWorks not working with VIve PRO


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Just downloaded the SRWorks SDK to run one of the example projects, but faced with a dark scene and  a white curved screen in front of me. I suppose this shouldn't be happenning as I've tried to scan the enviroment and no meshes have appeared. 


Here is the error that I see from the SRWorks logger:

[DEVICE_VIVE2_MODE2_0] [2018-04-30 17:02:36] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x9C42] M_MSCD_AcViStSrv_40002 @SteamCameraDevice::start:31


Any Suggestions??

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Hi , that's exactly what was causing the issue. The camera was not enabled.


Excuse me for the lack of preconfiguration knowledge, just started out with the API ;)


Maybe it would be a good idea to explicitly mention the setting in the documentation?

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