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Has anyone found a workable Vive Pro / Backpack solution?


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Hi folks,


I've been trying to find a configuration that will work for the Vive Pro and a VR backpack (we use Vive with backpack commercially for training). Currently we have an HP Z backpack -- it comes with cables that let you plug the vive directly into the backpack (with power, display, and USB cables) without needing the link box.

The Vive Pro has a different cabling setup, including what seems to be a proprietary connector between the HMD and the link box, and which then has USB, miniDP, and a new, different sized power cable.


It seems that avoiding the link box now is hopeless -- but that's fine. The problem I can't solve is how to find a power cable (or cable and adapters) that I can use to connect the backpack's power source to the link box's power input jack. In particular, I can't find any third party cables or adapters that will fit the vive pro link box. Has anyone had any luck figuring out a configuration for using a Vive Pro with a backpack (I don't really care what brand / model backpack at this point... just looking for anything that will work!)


EDIT: I realized right after posting that people might want to know why we don't just wait for the new wireless or TPCast. The reason is that it's not very easy to find a wireless configuration that will work for us. We use multiple (3-4) vives in the same play space. The new Intel wireless solution is allegedly only going to go up to 3 people in the same play space, and we'd then need three separate desktops with the special intel wireless cards in them somewhere in the room to run them. The backpacks are in our minds a more elegant solution, though of course we're looking forward to trying out the wireless once it's out. TPCast doesn't yet support the Vive Pro.

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