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Multiple independent Vive system in the same room

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I have some technical question about the room setup. I'll explain my use case:
We want to equip a big room with 3 to 5 full htc system, each system will be independent of the others and potentially they can work at the same time.
From what I have read on similar discussions, we need to physically separate the different playrooms with something that doesn't allow the light of a play area to interfere with the others.
And there is my question, how can I bind a steamVR installed on a pc to a specific couple of base station?
We haven't tried that yet cause we have only one htc system at the moment, but I'm studying the feasibility of the project.
Do I miss anything else that I didn't consider?


Thanks for your time,

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Hmm, i can't tell you for sure, but in a VRcade in my town i saw that they had just one pair of lighthouses running with a couple of HMD's. I guess you only need one master PC, that takes care of the lighthouse connections, the rest of the hmds will pickup the same laser field and should calibrate themselves to it easily.

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, while you can track multiple SteamVR 1.0 HMDs/devices from a single pair of basestations, you can not have multiple pairs of basestations operating in the same room without the playspaces being physically isolated by a material that is opaque to ~850nm IR. SteamVR 1.0 uses a system of bright sync flashes followed by laser sweeps (

) - it's the requirment for a sync flash that prevents multiple 1.0 basestation pairs from working in the same space as the sync flashes interfere with one another.


You can accomplish this with SteamVR 2.0 basestations without physical barriers. 

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