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Slow customer service


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I have had two interactions with VIVE support, the first time, one of my lighthouses was damaged, so I sent in an email ticket and it was replied to the same day. in the entire email chain, all emails were replied to, except for one, were replied to in no more than 3 days. I sent in my lighthouse for repair and it took a while to get back to me, I was told it was on backorder, the HTC repair tracking, however, was never updated and was stuck on "hasn't arrived". I end up getting sent another lighthouse (a different serial number than the one sent in). I was still having the same issue so I figured it was just a problem with my room. several weeks later I see it has a red light, in other words, I was sent a bad lighthouse... for the second time. Admittedly I got the new lighthouse before what I assume was an update that added the red light for troubleshooting.

This time

Email sent: 

Email 1: 2018-02-11 18:37

after getting impatient I send another

Email 2: 2018-03-06, 06:37


Email 1 replied(not including bot reply):

March 22


March 23 

"repair ticket for this controller has been successfully booked"

April 3

A shipping label is emailed to me to cover my costs( at least this was better than last time but it sort of cuts close to the 14 day period on repairs)

April 10

UPS delivers my lighthouse

May 2

I make this post. HTC tracking has not updated. Email 2 has not been replied to(it was the same as email 1 but the fact that it was never replied to astounds me)

I really want to like Vive, but this is absurd, you made a great product when it works, but god forbid if it breaks



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Totally understand your situation. Had even worse service from them myself. Vive stops functioning after 3 months and it's been ongoing since October 2016 with long response times, if they even reply.


I will be filing legal documents tomorrow to get my money back from this which has been refused. The most outrageous and poor customer service in existence, I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

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Same problem for me my vive was delivered to their facilities 6 days ago and they are still saying awaiting device. I even contacted them about this a couple days ago and they said it should be sorted out but still no change. Getting really fed up with this. 

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HTC has the absolute worst custormer support.  I had a base station stop working and sent it in back in May for warranty service.  Was told multiple times via their only form of custormer support (chat) that they had recieved it and were working on it.  Multiple months later they started telling me that it was never delivered.  I have provided proof of delivery from carrier tracking and have still never received any resolution.  Every chat session ends with my case being "excalated" with no resolution and being told I had to wait another 7 to 10 days.  My experience is that if you try to get any sort of warranty service you will lose your product!

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