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3 Problems...


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Hello, I recently recieved my Vive pro a few days ago, and I am currently having a few problems.


Problem 1)

The cameras do not function at all, and will cause a blue-screen windows crash if I attempt to use them in SteamVR Room view.


If I attempt to change the frequency of the camera refresh, I am prompted to restart SteamVR.

After the restart, the refresh rate is back to 60 hz.


When I attempt to do the SteamVR camera test, this is what it looks like.


As you can see, SteamVR thinks the cameras are good.



Problem 2)

Whenever I boot my PC my main monitor will stay black. For some reason I have to unplug the Vive Pro from my graphics card (but not the USB) for my PC to display to my monitor again.


Problem 3)

This is a reocurring issue I have had with the original Vive.

Every time I start SteamVR, the HMD will display nothing but grey. I have to right click the headset icon and "Reboot Headset" for it to function.


Bonus Problem 4)

I cannot redeem my code that came with the Vive Pro. Every box I enter it into says it's invalid, and the forum post talking about it all say they are 10 digit codes. Mine is 11 digits. Cannot find any reference to what I am suppose to do with my 11 digit code.


Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

My specs are...

GTX 1080ti

i7 4930k


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What is your motherboard? This is either an issue with your USB controller/chipset or your windows operating environment. This can also be caused by your BIOS' overclocking features with in many cases  Make sure you're on a USB port that's controlled by the processor and not some OEM controller. Per the code, are you redeeming on on vive.com/code? 


, Can you provide additional details on your setup? Again, this is likely a USB chipset / bandwidth issue.

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I'm not at home right now, so I can't tell you what motherboard I have, however my camera did start functioning when I moved my USB to a 2.0 port. Which is odd, since I used a 3.0 port for the original vive.


Still no idea why my PC refuses to boot up with the vive pro connected. I think it might be trying to default to it as a primary display or something.


I am not doing any overclocking at the moment. I hit rock bottom on the silicon lottery. Mine will only overclock to 38, and even then it's unstable.


As for the code I managed to rummage through the garbage and find out it's not suppose to be entered into the viveport. It's suppose to go to vive.com/code, which I did, entered my old headset serial number and it accepted it, but nothing happened after that. I just gave up and uninstalled the vive port. I don't need that kind of crap in my life. Steam works just fine without making me bend over backwards.

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