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Headset has no LED


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So, I got the Vive a few days ago. The first day was just a matter of trying to get the base stations, etc. to track properly. The next day was a matter of trying to figure out a proper way of wearing the headset, configuring it to my personal preference, and then eventually playing some games. However, near the ending of that second day of having the Vive I randomly got error 108 and it had no LED on the side of the headset. After I messed with it for an hour or so by randomly swapping USBs, resetting the link box, and other random troubleshooting solutions I could find online, I managed to get it to work again. I got to use it for the rest of the day and then all was well. The next day it was still working properly until I had the same issue again. Now, this time it's completely dead (or at least I think it is). I still can't determine if it's an issue with the 3-1 cable, the headset, or the link box. I tried bypassing the link box by just leaving the two power connectors into it and connecting the USB + HDMI from the 3-1 directly into my computer. But, I still can't get Windows to recognize the device or the LED to turn on the headset. If it was at least red, etc. there might be some hope. So, that leaves me where I am now trying to figure out if I need to RMA the Vive or not. If I do, is it possible to just RMA the headset, 3-1 cable, and link box? I'm also not sure if replacing some of the cables may work or not. The base stations and controllers seem perfectly fine, so I don't need to return those unless you have to return the whole Vive for an RMA.




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