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Vive Pro does not detect USB


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After a WHOLE day of struggling to get the Vive Pro (preceeded by finding out that the cable provided with the headset is not compatible with the latest laptop we used with previous Vive, which made us order a mini DP to mini DP 1.2 4k), searching through the forums, reinstalling Steam and all Vive related drivers and applications several times (also GTX 1080 drivers and updating them to the most recent ones), deleting the USB devices via Steam as well as via USBDeview (as indicated https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?s=6643267c2b51f08c93e8fc35bf35aa48&ref=2748-WEIK-9562) we have run out of options. Vive pro still does not want to detect USB connection (DP works).

We have used (previous) Vive and there were no issues whatsoever. We have had no issues with the computer running other headsets such as Oculus and Meta2.

We would greatly appreciate sharing a solution to this problem. As it stands Vive pro is unusable.

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