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Four week delay for Vive Controller Repair, but why?


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I was just wondering. Why is there at least a 4 week waiting period for the Vive Controller repair? It's kinda worrying since they did receive my package, but the ticket was never updated saying it was in repair.


EDIT: Ticket finally updated to Repair status today.

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Unfortunately, as you've stated, there's a delay on repairs right now due to a migration to a new service center for the North America region. There was already a bit of a backlog on repairs as it was so the situation was some what excerbated by that change. We are working closely with them to try to get everything up to speed and back to our normal 7-10 Business day turn around time, but currently wait time is longer than that. 


I'm glad to see that your ticket was updated in repair, usually it takes a little while to get scanned into the system after they arrive at the facility. They handle a very large volume and it's not just Vive that goes there either.

Thank you,

-John C

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