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Base Station Repair Status


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Good morning. I realize this post does not technically fall under the purview of "technical support", but these forums are the only place where others appear to have successfully gotten help with the issue that I'm having - which does not appear to be uncommon, based on Vive/Steam/Reddit threads on the topic. Specifically, I am looking for information/update/estimated repair time on an RMA ticket, as I have heard nothing from HTC repair itself and the typical customer support channels (live chat and the email system) have provided no information.


Several months ago I updated the firmware on my Vive components, and this immediately triggered "Error 03" on one of my base stations, despite it having been mounted untouched on the wall since it was received. On February 17, I reported this through the email customer support system, and the automated response promised that I would be contacted "soon". This did not happen and I assumed there was a system error and my report had gotten lost, and on March 31 I attempted again. On April 5, I finally received a response - to my first email message, 1.5 months later. The representative set up a repair ticket for me on April 6, and I followed the instructions to send the base station to the repair center in Flower Mound, TX. According to UPS tracking, it was received on April 12. I have received no further word from the repair center.


On April 21, I used the Live Chat to ask a representative for an update, as I wanted to ensure that the device had been intaken by HTC before the 14-day window for the ticket to be open. While very friendly, the representative was unable to give me anything other than a positive attitude; they confirmed that the UPS tracking number said that the device had been delivered, but could not tell me anything about the status of my device within HTC. I continued waiting, and finally sent another message to the email system on May 6, but have yet to receive a reply. Additionally, while the initial ticket email links to a repair tracker, by all accounts it is not functional, and it shows nothing beyond the ticket opening on April 6.


I realize that there may be a repair backlog and I have waited a significant time before making this complaint, but I have been unable to use my device for over 3 months now. The 1.5 month response time to my initial complaint can hardly be attributed to repair backlogs, and the fact that my device was received by HTC over a month ago and I have not been updated in any way since then - not even to say that there has been a repair delay - is ridiculous. I have family coming to visit this week, and had hoped to be able to let them try out the system; I never imagined when I initially contacted customer support in February that I would still be unable to use my very expensive Vive system by the time this visit occurred in mid-May. Again, I realize that this forum is not the typical route to make this complaint, but the customer support channels are either unhelpful or nonresponsive and others have had apparent positive progress with Vive representatives here. Thanks in advance for any help you can give; I think the Vive is an incredible piece of technology, and I would really like to be able to actually use it again.

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