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ViveSetup crashes or does nothing when pressing "Sign in"


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Just received my HTC Vive by the mail and was really excited to try it on. When setting up my computer for VR, I downloaded the ViveSetup installer. Everytime that I click the "Sign in" button it 1) Crashes on my laptop, showing the error message(linked below) "VIVE Installer has stopped working" or 2) Does nothing for 5 seconds and the button pop back up ready to be pressed again. (on my desktop)

I have tried downloading the installer on another browser, running it as Administrator and turning down my firewall, even completely turning it off. Help!!!


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Hey Guys!

Good news! I tried everything combined and could finally download VIVEPORT on BOTH my computers! I don't know exactly what did it for me but here is what I did: I changed my browser (Firefox) to Chrome, disabling my AV software and running the download as an admin. If someone have the same problem, can you let me know if this work?

Thank you all for your help!

P.-S.: Sorry for my innactivity, I think that the problem might have been coming from my browser as switching to Chrome also gave me the ability to connect to the community! 

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I've encountered the same problem on my Computer. I tried everything listed above - disable AV, Disable Firewall, switching from Chrome to Edge to IE, restarted the computer a few times also, Run as administrator, run in compatibility mode.... Nothing helped. 

The problem still exists - When I press the "Sign In" button, the program closes and no more prompts appear.



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 Ihave been having the same problem for a while, but I forget to deal with it once I've moved on for that play session. Now I've been subscribed for 3 months and have not even been able to open viveport past the Sign in button. Please help

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