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Vive/Unity Game Drops into Loading Screen While the Monitor Version Is Working Fine


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I am making a HTC Vive game in Unity.

When I trigger certain events, it jumps out of the game into the default Vive loading screen for a couple of seconds. I understand that it could be loading very heavy data, but somehow this only happens inside the Vive headset, but the screen version, namely the game mode of Unity is working perfectly.

My graphics card should be good, so I'm assuming the it has something to do with different displays used by the monitor and the headset?

Here is the display info from the Vive Log:

Display 0: \.\DISPLAY1 1920x1080 @ (0, 0) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Primary

Monitor 0: \.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0 Generic PnP Monitor

Display 1: NvAPI 2160x1200 @ (0, 0) NVIDIA Direct Mode

I assume Display 0 is monitor and Display 1 is headset. How do I make sure that the headset is the one connect to the GeForce graphic card?

How should I fix this?

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, are you referring to the "loading screen" that is essentially the game's icon/title with a series of animated loading bars beneath it? That compositor screen occurs when output drops below 45 FPS. When this occurs, the compositor steps in to render a scene that won't leave the user motion sick. If it only occurs for a few seconds immediately after you trigger an event, it means your event trigger is causing an FPS crash and you'll have to debug its perf. The monitor display won't care what the FPS is, the compositor will. Another thing to think about is the perf cost of rendering the 2D monitor view - many games nowadays limit this output to 720p rather than the full 1080p and some experiences disable it altogether (see Google Earth as an example).

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