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Vive Focus How to change store


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I set up my stock version of Vive Focus and seems that i stuck in chineese store (where i can  find 52 apps in total, mostly in chineese language) 

Is there a way to switch to another country  store (where i can find more apps) or there is no other local store at the moment?

I tried to go to www.focus.viveport.com on my computer to setup my account but there is no such page (404)


Sorry for dumb questions but can you please help me out?

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There is a local stores, but, based on my experience, there are just fewer applications than China-based store, so currently there is not much sense to change the store's country from China, you probably will not find anything new.

You can create a new account with another country. Valid version of this link is https://focus.viveport.com, or you can create an account directly on the viveport.com, if I understand that correctly there is no separate type of account for ViveportM/Vive Focus, it is universal.

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