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Thinking of buying directly from HTC? My Two Cent

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I would highly highly recommend not buying the HTC Vive directly. I've had one of the most frustrating experanices and I regret just not ordering it through amazon or some other vender. 


So my package is due to be delivered tomorrow but it's during a time I know i'll be at work. I call up FedEx to get them to hold it for me and I can just pick it up otherwise I'm just going to miss it all 3 days they try to deliver it. Well they tell me they can't because it has special note from the sender saying I can't do that. So the next best thing is to just get with support to see if they can change their special note. Long story short I'm told they can't change the options on delivery and I'm going to have to miss all 3 days then FedEx will hold it at a location for 48 hours. Only problem with that is my shipping center doesn't allow pickups on the weekend so I'm almost week out before I can possibly even get my vive with a chance of it being sent back all because I work during the time of delivery? 


All I wanted is just to have it held at the shipping center so I could go in and pick it up myself before I went into work but apparently impossible according to vive support. So if you are thinking of ordering it from HTC, unless you don't have a life then I'd order it from someone more willing to work with you when buying stuff from them. 

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Why is it HTCs fault that you are not available for a delivery.  If I purchase something online and know I am not going to be home ... I dont get my packages delivered to my home.


In addition to this HTC's "note" maybe due to fraud and so they will only deliver to the bill payers address (though this is more normally done only when purchasing on finance).  Again it isn't htc's fault that they are unable to change delivery details of a shipment once it has been despatched as this maybe Fedex limitations.


Saying all that though it is surprising that you can't arrange for a product collection before the failed delivery attempt period is up.  You would have thought it would have been in fedex's favour for people to collect as it saves them money.

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