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Can I read controller home button input via the sdk ?


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Is there any way to access home button input. I managed to read all other inputs including touchpad, trigger but not the home button.

I'm trying to force calibrate the controller while they are in the app to make sure they understand it properly. To do this I need to read whether they hit the home button. 



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CAn you help to advise when 2.1 update will be released so we can control the home button access ? 

We are having a major issue with user testing phase as they accidenty go back to the home page when they calibrate the controller. Much appreciate your help and ausggest if we can have any other intermi solutions until we get the support from the sdk to do this. 



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SDK 2.1 has been released on Aug. 24th. You can download from either one below.




And check online document:


The new API you're looking for is called WVR_InAppRecenter.

It’s under below path, or you can use key word search to find it including the sample code.

Docs » Wave Native SDK » SDK Overview » WVR Device » WVR_InAppRecenter


Let me know if your request is fulfilled.






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