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Software will not install


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I just bought a Vive-Pro.

I am in Australia if that is relevant

I have Windows 10 64 bit Pro 

Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803

All drivers are up to date


I cannot get the installer to work

After I accept the Eula etc it goes to the page with the sign in button

The sign in button grays out for a few seconds then comes back

Nothing else happens

I downloaded the installer and started it as Administrator

Turned anti virus off

Turned firewall off

Changed the default browser from Chrome to IE then to Edge


Nothing seems to be happening


I turn on Task Manager and note that there is hardly any activity on the task which does seem to be running.  but is using  almost no resources.  The task is not using any network resources.


Any help would be appreciated.  

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 Did some more troubleshooting but still cannot get it to work,  Have sent email to Customer Care


Additional Info which might be useful


There are two user accounts on the PC one is Administrator and the other is the User

My C drive is a SSD so my user files are on a second drive.

I downloaded the setup file to the second drive into the User Account


I went to "this PC" and did a search for "Vive" in the User and Administrator accounts.  MInor Sucess!




When  I look in the C /User/Admin User/AppData/Local/Temp folder it has three Vive related folders “Vive Launcher”, ViveSetupTempLog” and “ViveProInstall3.0.2.1”


Reading the logs it looks like it has installed the Launcher but has failed to set up links so it can be accessed by the user.

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Another Update


Well I made some progress


Deleted everything to do with Vive from the PC (basically the three folders in the temp directory) but left Steam alone.

Started again from scratch.  This time it almost worked (more on that later)

Pointers to note for anybody who is having same problem

Make absolutely sure your anti virus is off (I don't think I turned mine off properly)

Turn off Windows Firewall

Run the set up file as administrator (right click run as)

You can watch the activity on Task Manager (Ctrl\Alt\Delete)

After a liittle while it will start downloading and you will get a progress bar

Then you have to set up a HTC account (this proceeds in parallel while the installer keeps working)

You will then see fancy graphics etc and a progress bar.

After a while the progress bar will dissapear and it willl say it is installing Steam (you can check the network activity in task manager to see if it is actually downloading - or you can open Steam\Library and see the downloads).  Note that the Steam install is  about 1.5GB and if you have a slow connection (I do) you might think nothing is happening unless you watch the network activity somehow.


I think the main point to note is that if you try to install and it fails delete everything and start again from scratch.


When my install had finished downloading Steam (as shown by the Steam\Library app) I waited for the install to complete but it didn't.  Apparently this is a known issue see  Vive-Software-Installer-Known-Steam-Issue-amp-Workaround-10-27/m-p/11929 If you read  this it will tell you that the software has probably installed.


I checked mine by trying to run Steam VR which worked fine except it did not detect the hardware.


I had not set the hardware up because I was waiting for the hardware setup wizard which you only get if the installer finishes.  So now I have to figure out how to install the hardware!  Sigh - where are the documents? Where is a PDF manual?


If anybody at Vive is listening may I suggest the following:

1.  Create a document that describes what to expect  in the installation process.  This document should EXPLICITLY describe ALL of the steps the user will be required to perform such as:

Install as Administrator

Turn Off Anti Virus etc

2. Create a document that provides troubleshooting tips

3.  Create a document that describes how to connect the hardware

Put all of  the above in the Vive FAQ section or as a sticky in the Tech Support forum


In my opinion the existing documentation is totally inadequate.  Point ic case where does it tell me how to connect the hardware and NO the pictures on the box are NOT helpfull.  Where does it say install as Administrator?





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Thanks for the reply.


As I said in previous posts I got the software to install by reading various posts.


Re the hardware I have a Vive-Pro not a Vive Pro HMD.  Don't know what difference that would make but in the meantime I used the information that is on the Steam site to get the hardware working.  After I had done that I then found the User Manual for my device and double checked what I done according to Steam. Everything was OK.


I would have to admit the User Manual is very comprehensive - I just wish I had found it last Wednesday


I only got my sofware setup working because I read multiple posts.  THis took me quite a while and was very frustrating.  So as a suggestion: it would make life a lot easier for everybody if you could place software troubleshooting instructions in one single place on the forum.  Perhaps a sticky?


By the way I am not impressed with Cutomer Care - They have not even acknowledged my email.  At least someone IS monitoring the forum!


Once again thanks for the help



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