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Vive Focus and controller stopped pairing.


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Just got the Vive Focus, it and the controller were working just fine.  The controller did it's firm ware update.  I played around a while, then I built the unity sample and adb installed it to the HMD.  I adb installed tools\wvr_mobileHMD.apk and services\oemservice-release.apk as the getting started guide states, and then I restarted the head set.  From that point on, the light on the controller does a slow white blink until it times out.  The HMD still works fine, but with no controller all I can do is shutdown or restart..  Any ideas?  I used adb uninstall to remove those two apks, and then rebooted, but still the same problem, controller light just blinks for a while then turns off, no connection.  Tried every combination of HMD volume buttons and controller buttons held down, no luck, they just won’t pair.

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