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Subscription report data has to be updated


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I found a similar thread, but seems it hasn't been fully fixed so I am writing this again.


For my game (BAAM SQUAD), there are more users playing the game using a Viveport subscription model rather than they are puchasing it for themselves.


And to checkout how many users have joined, we need to see the record from the dashboard.. but the problem is.. the dashboard itself is not working and doesn't show the record.


For our case, we launched the game on April 20 in PST, so it's been a month and we need to have the full information shown on the dashboard.


Any help?

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, The subscription model introduces additional complexity to the reporting process. At a high level, the current subscription reporting process is delayed by 30-60 days because a subscriber must complete a full month of subscription before it shows up in the data. We're currently exploring options to provide more up-to date projections to enable developers to project what anticipated revenue will be. It ends up being pretty complex to implement since we're active in over 60+ countries which each have unique factors to take into account. The 30-60 delay means that the numbers are accurate and not projections. 


Reporting is real-time for paid apps. 

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, that data is currently updated on a monthly basis due to verification procedures. The arcade program is still considered to be in-beta as of this post so this reporting mechanism isn't finalized. 


On that topic, it's also worth flagging that the arcade pricing model will change during the second week of June and that we encourage all developers to update their arcade pricing on the developer console. 

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