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Vive Controller Still In Repair After A Month


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It's been going on a month now since I sent in my Vive Controller for repair. It's a bit ridiculous for it to take a month long and I see another thread with it taking 3 months and others for 4 months. It's really making me regret buying a Vive now. Paid full price for a product and still can't get my controller back, it's kinda silly and even though others have been waiting longer, even my patience wears thin. What can we do?

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Contacted Vive Support again today. Despite my friend and I having the same problem. That repair time is up to "the repair process that each unit needs".


I tend to baby all my hardware to make sure nothing else gets more broken out of the box, but I find it silly that both my friend and I have the same problem and that they got theirs back within 7-10 days.


As far as I know, it was only the right side of the tracking pad that wasn't working correctly. Everything else was perfect, so I don't see why there would be that much more of a delay on mine.


Makes me wonder if the delays on my Vive Controller is because of me contacting support for the repair status since the last agent I spoke to said "it's up to the repair center". I doubt that'd be the case.

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