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Flickering Display, then Black screen, red LED


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My HMD doesn't display a picture, it flickers when steam VR is first started for a few frames then it is black, with a red LED( sometimes bright green).

Wiggling the headset sometimes flickered an image on the HMD.



What I've tried : 

Double checked all connections are plugged in firmly on HMD,Linkbox and PC.

From the linkbox I have tried the usb,hdmi cables.

I have successfully used the Linkbox to run a usb pen drive.

I have confirmed the long hdmi cable from the link box to the HMD works by using it to run a monitor.

I've updated the firmware for every part of the system.

Reinstalled steam VR and verified cache.

And it's still the same.

Updating Nvidia drivers. (GTX 1070, hdmi port tested on a monitor and works fine)


The HMD is running firmware 2097504, when I try to manually update it via holding the button on the side of the HMD and going through the update process it says that it "requires a firmware update" completes it and says update successful but the firmware number in "System report" doesn't change.

System report here :  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aza4FpBgNxP6Dj43oMgwrbWseUSe7wj5ZqIPzFTQJrA/edit?usp=sharing




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The HMD is now showing a picture intermitently for as long as 10 seconds per time but as soon as the headset moves the picture stops showing.


The steam VR menu shows Green accross the board, the headset goes between a green and red led (when the pictures goes out the led goes red)

I feel as though it's a connection internally and not a cable causing this issue.

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Another update, wiggling the hdmi doesn't have any effect, it seems to work when i tilt the hmd down to the ground, sometimes it cuts out and comes back even when I'm not moving though, 100% I believe it's an internal hardware issue now. What's the best way to fast track an RMA?

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update : Currently getting a green light on the headset but still a black screen (occasionally shows a picture)

Full tracking(as seen via display mirror) and green across the board in steam VR's ui.


Running the latest 1070 drivers from nvidia.

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Update: It wasn't working at all yesterday(saturday), without doing anything at all today (sunday) it's now working.

I have a orange flickering light on the left eye near the top of the screen and minor tracking issues(tracking issues could be because of remounting the light houses during firmware updates)

I'm still going to contact customer support on monday when they are available and try to work out which part needs to be RMA'd or find out how to fix this issue.

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[update as of 19th March 2019.]



This issue is still unsolved, my Vive hasn't worked in over 9 months and HTC Vive's tech support is garbage.

I've missed out on so many months of my Viveport subscription without refund/reinbursement.


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I sent a single private message earlier today to another user so unfortunatly this system wont let me send anymore private messages so I'll post my response here.





The "too long didn't read" of this is I've given up, cheers.


My question/thread has been open on the viveport forums for 9 months, last night i recieved a private message from another user facing the same issue as reported by me in the post. This is why I posted a comment stating that my issue was still unsolved so that users like the one who contacted me would have an answer.


That user asked if I was able to fix my issue and I had to tell him the following, in the 12 months of ownership my vive has never worked properly and after numerous hours with livechat I've lost a few months of viveport subscription both free ones and paid and I've never had a solution to my problem with the vive.

I've sent back my HMD for repair and had it returned to me in the same condition and I've had my 3/1 link cable replaced all to no avail, at this point I have invested in the region of 70-80 hours of effort through reading forums/reddit/youtube and never found the solution, the last time I contacted vive's live chat I waited 40 minutes on an assistant and spent an hour with him working on the issue only to have the assistant on the other end leave me without a response for so long that the chat disconected and I was forced into another 45 minute queue only to have the assistant request that I perform the same tasks again.

I've lost out on my £500 vive, I've spent £50+ on steam games I've never played, I've lost out on 4 free months of viveport and I believe 1 or 2 paid months and at this point I've given up hope in HTC/Vive.

I don't work for Vive, and honestly at this point thinking about the vive and having to endure another minute of tech support makes me feel sick.

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This is the first I've found of someone mentioning the exact issue I'm having right now and after trying all the troubleshooting steps I can do myself, I'm not even sure where to start to look to get it fixed. This thread is not reassuring, sorry for your loss.

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