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htc vive support

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so is the htc vive support that bad i been thinking about buying one but i see all over the net how bad the support is if you need a repair or anything i see guys saying it takes months to get a repair back from then so now I'm not sure if i still wanna buy one or not 

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well I bought a vive and literally not even 24 hours after reieving it hit the controller once which killed the controller completly wouldn't turn on or even charge and for a first hit on the controller it shouldn't have killed it completly so I contacted support and all they did was tell me that I had broken it and it's not covered by warrenty so after a while of arguing with them that the controller was brand new and shouldn't have died to the first hit they said that 'they would talk about it' a week later I recieved this

'We hope this email finds you well.

We had a communication with both repair center and warehouse team. After some several discussions, we would like request you to send the affected controller to our repair center so we can diagnose and assess the damage. 

As what was discussed to you before, in order for us to proceed, we would need to collect an inspection fee in order to start setting up an appointment to pick it up.

If you wish to continue with the assessment, please reply to this email with your most preferred callback time and callback number for the collection of payment. We are leaving this open for the next 5 business days. Otherwise, we will close this ticket and escalation.'


So I supplied them with my number and best times to contact me and waited about 2 weeks before contacting them again to find out what was happening with it just to be told that they sent that out in advance to get my information incase they agreed which they did not.


End of Story hope this helps


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