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Vive Focus latest firmware update


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I have a US based dev kit of the Vive Focus. The other day I saw an announcement that the 2.0 firmware is supposedly available - but my headset cannot seem to find it. Perhaps this is still regionally restricted - but is there any way to force the update onto US based devices?


I did notice this morning that there was a new update (I manually checked) but I received




Which gave me a new "phone notification" button in settings...but one that I cannot use.

(It suggests using the Vive app from the google play store - but the Vive app from the US play store isn't Focus aware yet so I'm at an impasse)


Anyone got any suggestions?

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The 1.33 firmware we got is the latest currently available.  It includes the surroundings mode pass through camera features, the passenger mode that disables 6DOF headset tracking and the phone bluetooth connection that currently requires an HTC U12+ phone and a version of the Vive app that may not be released yet.  Enabling surroundings mode or passenger mode is done through developer settings in the other settings panel on the headset.

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Yep seeing those settings now - Looking good! the passthrough mode is interesting. the passanger mode is interesting as well, but I think it does make it more evident that there is some lensing issues with the shader (I thought it might have to do with the tracking - but its still there in 3dof mode) 

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Firmware update 1.69.1405.1  (v5.0) has been released today.    Main improvements seem to be in relation to lens distortion fixes,  Support for 4k h264/65 with 5.1  and viveport store improvements.  Not noticed any fixes to the screen distortion issue still however.    180 degree 3d videos still seem to have mismatch in placement in the far edges...

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