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Not sure what to do next


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Hello, everyone

I am an original Vive owner ever since it's launch back in April 2016 and during that time I've never regret getting this wonky, expensive and yet cool VR experience. Even spent more money down the road to make the experience that much better with the accessories HTC has released. Until recently, my Vive was working fine and dandy until after playing a session on Steam with a friend, it just never worked the same again. The lenses do not stream whats being shown on your PC, but the PC still registers it as being "connected". After exhausting other troubleshooting methods aside from HTC's recommendations via Googling, I've came to the conclusion that my Vive broke just conveniently after my warranty expired due to what I only assume as "sweat damage". I was aware I would pay for the repair that could be an upswing around $300-$400 just to fix the HMD that has a post warranty on it, which is about half the price of a brand new original Vive and was expecting a large quote.

However, I sent my HMD to the address HTC's support team emailed me (which is some repair facility in Texas for the US) and was delivered in about a week, sign for and everything. I waited about a week after seeing this: 

Then I get excuses such as "delays" which they never elaborated with me about. At first, I was OK with this thinking that maybe they were just having a bad week or something. So, I waited another week to speak with a different support technician and the same thing. "We're sorry, we've been experience delays" or "I'll speak with our RMA team to see if they know any more details". I was even getting offers about discounts for the service repair which by now that point I realized that I was just being told what I wanted to hear so that I wouldn't have to bother any of the service techs. I even started to email the support team weekly to get some kind of update since the tracker would not say what step in the process it's in. Same thing.
I've missed out on so many VivePort and Steam sales for VR is extremely frustrating! At any rate, has anyone have a similiar issue with HTC about the Vive? I'm just not sure what to do next since I feel like I'm being put off to the side by HTC. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear back from you all!

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