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Have to reset USB drivers and restart system everytime (Vive)


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Anyone else running into this problem? I have to do this about 3-8 times everytime i want to run my Vive, just recieved it a few days ago and it is amazing but it takes me over an hr each time just to get it to work properly.  I've done searches can't seem to find much on this exact problem just how to reconnect headset normally pops up. Any advice would be awesome thanks!

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Figure i should explain with some more clarity.   The headset will not properly connect to Steam VR, will try power cycle doesn't work only thing i can get to work is remove the USB drivers thru steam vr and restart computer plug it back in and sometimes it will work seems about a 10% chance, then i have to get contollers to connect and when i try to manual connect thru steam vr it will say headset is not connected however it is connected and working. So i'll have to reset a few more times and finally then the contollers will connect and it will all work great until i shut it off. Then have to go thru this process each time to get it to work again.  Basically seems i restart my computer a total of 15 times to actually get everything to connect right.  thanks



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