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HMD flicking issues


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I have recently been getting issues with having a loose HDMI cable inside the HMD the screens will randomly flicker. it took me a while too figure out what causes this issue but I found that wiggling the HDMI cable that goes directly into the HMD causes this to happen. I have replugged the HDMI cable a few times but that doesn't seem to help. on occasion, the HMD will go completely weird and display the wrong images as well leaving you with what would appear to be "double vision" where you can see the exact same image in both eyes however again. this usually only lasts for a few seconds as moving around/ wiggling the cable will correct the problem but standing still will cause the problem too persist. I would like to know if there is any way to reinforce the connection between the HDMI cable and the HMD as I don't really feel like buying a new 3 in one cable at the moment just to fix this small issue and the issue could potentially be a loose connection on the HMD and not the cable

edit 1. the flickering seems to be orange in color.

edit 2. I have stripped back everything running on and with my pc too a bare minimum. replaced the HDMI cable for my original one, disabled the monitor running off my CPU vis USB adaption, disabled display mirroring too my tv and disabled all but one of my three main monitors. doing so has seemed to fix the flickering and double vision. wobbling the cable no longer causes the HMD to flicker either. I will further investigate if any one of these changes are the sole source of the issue

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