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Vive pro operation temperature?

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I was wondering, if there‘s any operation temperature defined for the vive pro and what the vive support solution would be.


Background: We‘ve had a couple warmer days (28C) and the pro screens started flickering grey before turning completely grey within minutes. I then installed an air ventilator, pointing to the headset which solved the problem. The headset behaviour and solution is reproducible every time. I've done some test and the heat development is caused by the displays, not the cameras.


I was wondering if just my unit is So sensitive to warm environmental temperature or everybody is experiencing this. I'd also like to know what the support suggestion is, do I now always have to run a ventilation when using the pro? for the original vive, there are mini ventilators available, that would probably be the best solution imo.


Thx for any advice.

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My personal opinion, get an A/C unit. I had these problems with my OG Vive , find "flashing grey screen" on this forum, and Installing A/C solved my problems for good. Now I have a Pro, but since I can't stand hot temps, my A/C is set to 20C degrees whole summer. But sure you can try other cooling solutions as long as they work. 

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Since SteamVR tracking is IR based, hot environments can indeed cause tracking problems however every environment is unique and thus there is variability in operating range. Generally speaking, if the tracking is having issues due to temperature, it would likely already be too hot to use the HMD comfortably without sweating. 

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Thx for trying to answer this, but i have not mentioned tracking issues. There seems to be a thermal issue, which can be solved (forever and reproducable) by blowing room temperature air around the headset. I would expect more people to have exactly the same issue, especially now in summer. Btw, i’m a) not sweating and b) in Europe less than 1% of homes have A/Cs, thats unfortunately no option. I was just checking if you guys are aware of the issue and it’s solution and what the best options are.


Could you try to answer these two questions please?

- is there a temperature sensor build into the headset or it’s displays?

- if yes, can the screens turn grey when a specific temperature is hit?



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