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HMD black screen


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Hello everyone,

I am unfortunatelly creating this thread because my 1 month old vive isn't working properly. The last time I've used it was 3 days ago and it was working well like usual.
Today however, there is no image on the HMD, everything is green, everything is as it's supposed to be and nothing was changed.


I've troubleshooted for a good amount of time (plenty of threads on the same and similiar problems) before contacting the support without any luck. So I contacted them via Live Chat and after 40 mins we got it to "work". Basicly all I did was connect the HMD directly to the GPU with the short HDMI cable, restarted SteamVR and the image came back. I then switched the HDMI cables to how it's supposed to be connected and it was still working. Ended the live chat, went on to play and 1 minute into the game the screens go black, like someone has pulled out the cable.
I've redone the previous steps and it happened all over again, sometimes the image only lasts for 10 seconds, sometimes it holds longer. 

So I went on and troubleshooted some more on my own, I connected the short HDMI cable from the HMD to the link box and one store bought HDMI cable from the link box to the computer and voila, everything is working as intended. There's an image on the HMD and it doesn't cut. If I however connect the 3 in 1 HDMI cable, if it firstly gives me an image (which is not always the case), it cuts after some seconds even if the HMD is not moving at all. Plugging the 3 in 1 HDMI direcly to the PC also doesn't work.

Now, after this I went to the live chat again. After 30 minutes (not even kidding) of "documenting", the supporter finally began to ask for some more info and suggest possible fixes. Followed by a failed SteamVR restart suggestion, he/she asked me to restart my computer, assuring me I'd reconnect to the chat if I'd use the same browser. Alright. Restarted the PC in a blink of an eye (SSD power), open up the same browser, go to support and surprise surprise, the Live Chat is unavailable due to their schedule... How convenient.

So here I am.

My idea is that the 3 in 1 cable is faulty. Most precisly the HDMI part of it. Been looking around the internet a lot and it seems to be a common issue I guess.
I believe a RMA should be in order BUT if any one has any other possible suggestions, I'm all hears.

Regardless of the outcome, the plans for tomorrow are completely shattered. I'm having family over and intended to show them some VR stuff. What a shame..

Please PM me or reply here for any further support or information needed.


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