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How do I integrate SRWorks SDK to another OpenVR projects?


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Hello. I am developing a SRWorks sample in my C++ project (using open source engine).


The project is already using OpenVR SDK, but integration of SRWorks SDK does not works well.

(Note that, Unreal sample and C API samples work well)


I tried some codes, but failed:

1. Pre-init SRWorks: Crash in ViveSR_API.dll when creating a new window in the engine.

2. Post-init SRWorks after OpenVR init

   1) Set VR_INIT to true OR false for ID_SEETHROUGH: Crash by GL context

   2) Use "SeeThrough::InitType::BACKGROUND": Crash by GL context

   3) Threading for SRWorks parts: Rendering works, but VR submit does not work


Is there right usage when SRWorks is used with OpenVR?

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Yes. I tried to use below codes for SeeThrough module:


ViveSR_SetParameterBool(ID_SEETHROUGH, ViveSR::SeeThrough::Param::VR_INIT, true);ViveSR_SetParameterInt(ID_SEETHROUGH, ViveSR::SeeThrough::Param::VR_INIT_TYPE, ViveSR::SeeThrough::InitType::BACKGROUND);


Also, I did it in non-thread and multi-thread cases.

In non-thread (main thread), it caused crash on my GL draw call.


In multi-thread, crash does not happen, but HMD rendering becomes off (HMD shows black display and SteamVR does not show my application name.)


And I attached SRWorks log using SRLOG_LEVEL_MAX in non-thread.

(I created only ENGINE_SEETHROUGH module and did not start it.)

[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] ViveSR_Initial() success[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] SRWorks Version[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] CPU : Windows 8+[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] CPU GetMemory Total : 16298.000000[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] CPU GetMemory InUse : 6499.000000[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] GPU : GeForce GTX 1080 Ti[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] GPU driver : 39811[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] GPU memory usage : 3505.917969[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] GPU memory loading: 85[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] ViveSR_CreateModule() start[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] found steam install path[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] using device : LHR-98B80BC8[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:20] [LOG] using system : lighthouse[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] found device config file : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse\LHR-98B80BC8\config.json[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] Cali_V2D_00000[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] MIE_GCP_00000[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] found steam install path[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] using device : LHR-98B80BC8[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] using system : lighthouse[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] found device config file : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse\LHR-98B80BC8\config.json[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] Cali_V2D_00000[JSON] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] MIE_GCP_00000[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] CM_MT1_MID0_00000[Vive SRWorks] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] ViveSR_CreateModule() end[DEVICE_VIVE_HMD_DUALCAM_0] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] M_MSCD_set_VRINT_1[DEVICE_VIVE_HMD_DUALCAM_0] [2018-06-12 09:41:21] [LOG] M_MSCD_set_VRINT_TYPE3
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Thank you! First of all, I just ran my project with those.

The crash did not happen and VR rendering worked well!


I will test SeeThrough and Depth module and will close this discussion if a issue does not exist.



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