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208 error out of the blue


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As the title says, out of the blue yesterday I started to get the error code 208 after my headset working fine for a few hours the other day. I recently upgraded my GPU to a GTX 1080, and had dismantled my VR setup for a few months, and the other day I set everything up and decided to play some beat saber, and after leaving everything plugged in and turned on for a few hours to run some errands, I came back to my headsets displays not working, yet the headset was tracking. The led was green on the HMD, so i thought maybe a simple pc restart would fix it. After reboot, I have been getting the error 208 "Headset is not connected properly" code for the last few days.


I have tried every guide, trick, bypass and reboot I can find on the web.


• I've uninstalled all drivers a few times

• I have tried bypassing the linkbox

• I have tried using a HDMI to DisplayPort connector, both to the linkbox and when trying to bypass it

• I have tried a separate pc, my razer laptop, to see if I can ever connect the thing and still same error code

• I have used usbdeview to uninstall usb drivers multiple times

• I have re-downloaded all Nvidia Drivers

• I have bought a new 3 in 1 cable with no effects

• I have tried using just primary monitor and vive headset with no effect


I have noticed that when plugged in and installing drivers, the LED will start solid red, windows will make a noise and the LED will then flash green, then back to solid red, but I'm not sure that it makes a difference


I have no idea why or what could be the issue, and any and all help would be much appreciated. This headset is older but I have treated it like a newborn, and its been on a shelf for a few months at a time during its lifetime, so it's not like this thing is worn out.


PC Specs if helpful -


* Intel i7 8700k cpu

* Asus ROG GTX 1080

* MSI Gaming Plus Motherboard

* 16 GB of Corsiar Vengeance Ram 3200 MHz


Thanks again for any and all help

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