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Touchpad doesn't click


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I've had my vive for a few years now and so I am no longer under any warenty and of course now I have an issue with the touch pads on my controllers, they no longer click or register being pressed on the right sides. I have of course looked into solutions for the issue but nearly all say to open up the controller which I'd rather avoid doing myself. But looking into this also showed me, especially on this site and on reddit, that this is a very very common issue that seems to be a flaw with how the controllers were made and not at all any consumers fault. I've tried contacting customer support and explained this all to them as well but they basically told me that it'd cost nearly $110 each controller for repair or I could by brand new controllers for roughly $120 each. With the issue being caused by a flaw in the device itself and not abnormal use by the consumer it'd seem more appropriate for the company to take the cost or atleast offer a more reasonable repair price. Does anyone know how to get cheaper repairs done or at least a DIY that doesnt involve a hot glue gun like many that I've seen?

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