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Vive Pro AR

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I have seen a lot about the capabilities of the Vive Pro as it pertains to AR, but what I'm looking for is a lot simpler and wondering if someone can help me out.


Is it possible to set it up so that the HMD displays the VR world only when the built-in cameras are looking at like a green screen or something?  I want to be able to make it so that the built in cameras will show real objcts when looking at a specific area, but the VR world when looking anywhere else.


For example I'm sitting at a desk, I want the desk to show up but everything else be in VR...


I haven't been able to really find any kind of information specifying wether that is doable or not.

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, some of this is feasible from a technical standpoint but I don't think there are any completed implementations out in the wild. The green screen thing you mentioned wouldn't work out of the gate with SRWorks as SRWorks only works with textured surfaces as it's computer vision based. I'm sure it's possible to tie in HMD pose information to inform the AR but it would likely be a custom solution. 


The ability to use both dynamic and static meshes would allow the desk example to work. That said, a developer would specifically have to design for that functionality in their application. It will take some time for proper MR/AR features to be integrated into software. 

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