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Vive SRWork with Unity not working


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I just downloaded VivePro SRWorks to use it with Unity. I am using Vivepro- with Unity 5.6. When I start the scene, I only see the blue screen with a white board and nothing else works. I tried this Vivepro SRWorks with Unity 2017.1.3 also but same result. All the drivers are up-to-date and there isn't any error message in console. I properly followed the instructions provided in the word document which is downloaded along with the VivePro SRWorks. Can you please help me?


Thank you.

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Thanks for pointing towards right direction. 

1-Are you running beta of Steamvr? Yes

2-running latest nvidos drivers? Yes

3-make sure camera is enabled? check and test in settings - This was the problem. The camera was not enabled in the settings. I have enabled it and it is working. 



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