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Detecting which type of controller is plugged in


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I'm looking for a solution to tell the difference between using standard Vive controllers and Knuckles. I've looked into SteamVRController.cpp a little but what I found was only this:

FName FSteamVRController::DeviceTypeName(TEXT("SteamVRController"));
enum ETrackedDeviceClass{	TrackedDeviceClass_Invalid = 0,				// the ID was not valid.	TrackedDeviceClass_HMD = 1,					// Head-Mounted Displays	TrackedDeviceClass_Controller = 2,			// Tracked controllers	TrackedDeviceClass_GenericTracker = 3,		// Generic trackers, similar to controllers	TrackedDeviceClass_TrackingReference = 4,	// Camera and base stations that serve as tracking reference points	TrackedDeviceClass_DisplayRedirect = 5,		// Accessories that aren't necessarily tracked themselves, but may redirect video output from other tracked devices};

I can clearly see that Steam VR Status app can detect difference but I don't really know how to access it or is it even possible? 

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