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Vive keeps crashing computer


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I just purchased my HTC vive about a week ago and everytime I try to start it up it crashes my computer and makes it reboot. The computers practically brand new. My graphics cards a Nvidia gtx1080ti so i cant imagine thats the problem, i have an Intel i7 7820 on an aorus gaming 7 socket x299 motherboard. I have tried using vive port and steam VR and its still crashing. I have stress tested everything, reformatted the drive, updated bios and still nothing. I realised the aorus 7 motherboard for some reason only has usb 3.0 sockets and so has the connector from the case to the motherboard so i have got a converter thats connected the case usb sockets to a usb 2.0 connector on the board and still nothing. Please help.

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