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Mirorring on android devide like S8 or later


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How visualize on android device the user VR View ?? please


is it an app for streaming video on google play ? than i need to download maybe ?


do you have link or explanation for do this please ?


i tried on my Phylips 55" TV with miracast and it work great.


just a little video display bug with stereo i think.


( i do video preview if can help)


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Screen mirorring is the new feature on latest ROM (1.33) with two options (mirror mode: 2 eyes on screen, presentation mode: one eye).

From your video, it's a bug that something is being redraw.

Could it be recovered when reboot? Or it's 100% repro. rate.

Could you help to provide us full logs? 

And the ROM version info.


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is this new feature is it available now ?? or need to wait.

i go to see an industrial new week for present my work and focus device. i d like to use this miror screen now for presentation with my pro customer.

maybe too quick...



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Okay, for summary today it is not possible to do the same thing as the return video on the TV screen and replicate the video signal on Android with a reader Vive Focus Android video preview for example ??


i d'like to replicate at any moment with anybody for share experience et what we need to talk in VR. (for pro uses)

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