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My Vive has start missing frame after play for a a while But only for both controller


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Hi there so i have some case on here.The problem is my Vive has started to missing frame after play for a a while sometimes just only 30 minutes or 1hour+ This missing frame gonna be started.


I try to restart my vive and steam but it still won't work. But it can fix by restart my pc. And again After i play for a while missing frame has come again.


But one interesting point is... "When i have these missing frame and still pair up both 2 controller. Missing frame is still happen on there. But after i just try to turn off for one controller that Missing frame is just completely gone."


"And again after i try to turn on for two controller. Missing frame is came back again."


I really have no idea for this solution i really hope i will have some good advice for fix this. Because it so annoying so much.


Sorry for my English anyway.

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