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Error (10016) Update does not wor: dongles defect or other issue?


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in an other Post >>Vive 2018 (2.0) Trackers Firmware Not Updating (SteamVR Error 10016)<<, a very similar or refering problem was discussed. However one of the Trackers I use is always not tracked correctly, and in the end the 10016 Error shows up (Controller needs update- A controller is having trouble staying connencted over wireless. ...)


My Question: When I've run the Firmware update multiple times, and it is still not working does that mean one of the (new bought) Dongles is defect or are there other possibilities?


Additional informations:

> HTC VIVE PRO with new controllers, and 2.0 Basestations.

> using 5 Trackers (2018)

> The ViveProSetup.exe is installed

> The 5 trackers (2018) were working perfectly fine with the old Basestations and the HTC VIVE Pre

> After the Firmware update was finished I tried to power cycle the headset by switching the (new) linkstation off and un-plug it on the Pc side for about a minute), (no update or started afterwards).

> The not working Tracker is always a different one;


Thank you for any help in anticipation.



Best regards,






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