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Vive Pro Controller RMA, no updates.


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Hello All.


I returned my Gen2 controller a few days ago. It was received in your system on the 26th (even though it arrived on the 25th at 12:40PM) and there have been no updates about it going into diagnostics or the repair process. How would I find out this information?


Also, because I am fairly certain that the warranty was voided, how would I go about getting the repair quote?




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Hi there, since they just received your device, it will be a little while before they are able to get it fully updated. As you may know, there is a repair backlog currently and repairs are taking longer than normal. You may not receive any specific updates regarding the status of your service request until it is completed at which time you will be informed of the tracking number of the package returned to you.

Thank you,

-John C

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