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Vive Accessory Suggestion - An overlooked Opportunity.

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Vive HQ- 


There is an absence of well designed and executed storage solutions for the Vive and Vive Pro. Both devices are sensitive to moist climates, dust or dramatic changes in heat and humidity. Both devices would benifit from offical VIVE Storage solutions-  weather a foam lined case, custom cover or a humidity and dust repellent solution.


It seems a major oversight on part of HTC VIVE not to sell Offical Vive branded storage cases with bold and aesthetic design- or a ‘centerpiece’ display stand for the HMD and controllers. 


Third party options are limited. I can currently locate only one storage bag for the Vive Pro located in China- with questionable design.


Likewise, available stands, docks, storage and display options are all poorly executed eBay jobs. 


I raise this as I have a brand new Vive Pro located in a very clean environment. After 2 months of ownership, I have only removed the lens paper. ( I am very busy). On the outside lip of the lens- are several small tarnishes  which are concerning- given the device is band new. It is winter here and small apartments and air cons do cause humidity change. I am continuously placing a ‘protective’ cloth over the device and blowing dust away from the device daily.  I certainly hope it is not an organic culture of some form.



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