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Cleaning The Face mask

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, the foam that comes with the HMD is actually designed to be hand-washable. The foam versions of the facepad actually are supposed to wick away and capture sweat to prevent it from getting into the electronics. 


You can purchase aftermarket facecovers typically made from cotton which are disposable. You can also purchase PU leather replacement masks (https://vrcover.com) that can be wiped down between uses. I prefer the PU covers but they do not wick away sweat so you must be more mindful to not get too sweaty while using them. 

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For me personally, I used Dawn dish soap, saturated the facial pad with the soap, gently rubbed it to get it all clean and then rinsed it out for a long time to make sure all the soap was out of it. I then hung it up to air dry, took almost a day to fully dry. Worked well for me, the bonus afterwards is the facial pad has a nice fresh clean smell (until you stink it up again LOL), :)

Regards: Jack

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